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This information will appear when booking and will need to tick a box to show your understanding of these policies.

Pups & Moore Policies and Liabilities: 


- In the event of an emergency, I authorize Pups & Moore Centre to seek immediate professional veterinarian attention at a local vet. 
- I understand a veterinary service will be at my expense.
- I understand all attempts will be made to notify me in the event of an emergency.

Coat Condition

- If my pet's coat is matted, I understand that every attempt will be made by Pups & Moore to perform a dematting procedure but, if it is too painful for the pet, the mats may need to be shaved out.
- I understand if my pet is severely matted, there is an increased risk of clipper burn and/or cuts to occur.
- I understand that all attempts will be made to prevent this, however, in many extreme matting events, this is unavoidable.
- I understand that matted coats are a result of owner inattentiveness and dematting will incur an additional fee and time costs.
- Pups & Moore will attempt to contact me prior to this service to notify me before performing this service. If contact cannot be made, Pups & Moore will perform a dematting service as required for the health of the pet.
- If my pet's coat is flea-ridden, I understand that Pups & Moore will bathe my dog in flea wash and will require a flea bomb to maintain hygiene regulations in the salon.
- Flea wash and a flea bomb will be an additional  cost.
- Pups & Moore encourages pets to be up to date with flea treatments before booking.


- Pups & Moore will take photos of their grooms to both celebrate them through social media and keep a record of the dog/groom.
- If you don't approve of your dog being photographed and posted on our socials please communicate this prior to the appointment. 


- I understand that I will notify Pups & Moore of all medical conditions and behavioural issues before booking. Grooming can be a stressful event for some pets, so we must be aware of medical conditions before booking.
- Aggressive dogs may require the use of a muzzle.
-If the dogs behaviours are causing risk of injury to either the groomer or the dog, the groom will be terminated through the process. 
- I understand that Pups & Moore encourages pets to be up to date with vaccinations before booking.

Cancellation Policy:

- I understand that at least 24-hour notice is to be given for all amendments and constellations to booking. If notice is less than 24 hours the full grooming fee will apply.
- Any pre-paid appointments will be non-refundable if cancelled/missed/moved with less than 24 hours' notice.
- COVID-19; If a family member has covid or is a close contact, drop off must be contactless by a non-close contact friend or family member, clearly communicate with Pups & Moore to make this happen.

Liabilities and Policy Agreements
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