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Fucsia Background

Pups & Moore Pricing 

Size Chart 

 The dog will be weighed on arrival to ensure the booking is under the correct category for your pooch. The breed below each weight category is the most common for that bracket.

We will not be providing quotes and fixed prices over the phone or before the groom and the initial Pre-Groom examination. 

The prices below may increase throughout the groom due to required add- ons such as dematting, behaviour difficulties, etc.


Size Categories and Pricing

( Pricing is not fixed )

Extra Small (1-4 KG)


Yorkshire Terrier 

Toy Poodle

And More…

Mini Groom - From $55

Full Groom - From $80

Small (4-10kg)


Bichon Frise


Miniature Schnauzer 

Miniature Poodle


And More …

Mini Groom - From $65

Full Groom - From $90

Medium (10-14kg)



Springer Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

Standard Schnauzer

And More…

Mini Groom - From $85

Full Groom - From $105

Large (14kg+)

Golden Retriever

Border Collie


Australian Shepard

Wheaten Terrier

And More…

MIni Groom - From $100

Full Groom - From $120

Extra Large 

Bernese Mountain Dog


St Bernard


And More…

Mini Groom - From $130

Full Groom - From $150

Puppy Pricing

Pricing for a puppy groom is the same as an adult dog due to the extra time taken to help desensitize the puppy to the new environment and noises.

Add - Ons / Mini Services;

These services will be on request. When dropping your pooch off for their spa day, specify which add-ons you would like and they can be added to the payment.

For mini services feel free to call the mobile number provided or email on the 'contacts' page to be booked in.


Flea Treatment -  (Flea Shampoo) -  $17

Dematting - $1.30 (per minute)

(Depends on how much time is spent on Dematting - Further than usual brushing)

Hygiene - (Clean up all hygiene areas) - $16

Face Tidy - (Scissor work / finishing only - No Clippers) -  $20

Paw Tidy - (Tidy in between Paw Pads and shape with Scissors around paw) - $16
Late Pick-up -  $20 (per 15minutes)

(Communication is key, dependent on what is communicated to groomer)

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