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Service Descriptions and Processes

Size Chart 

 The dog will be weighed on arrival to ensure the booking is under the correct category for your pooch. The breed below each weight category is the most common for that bracket.

We will not be providing quotes and fixed prices over the phone or before the groom and the initial Pre-Groom examination. 

The prices below may increase throughout the groom due to required add- ons such as dematting, behaviour difficulties, etc.

Here at Pups and Moore, we do not provide the following services;

-No Expressing Anal Glands

- No Teeth cleaning or scaling

- No Ear Plucking

- No Pet Dye or colouring

Services provided in a Mini Grooming session;

Mini Groom - Brushing / Bath / Blowdry / Nails / Paw Pads / Tidy Up

Full Groom - Brushing / Bath / Blowdry / Nails / Paw Pads / Clipping / Scissor Finishing

Brushing: Gentle Brush out examining the skin for any unusual conditions or abrasions.

Dematting: will be done if necessary (may increase the price of groom dependent on the time taken to demat).

Bath: Followed by a bubble bath scrubbing your pooch squeaking clean to make them feel their best!

Drying: Towel drying and drying processes.

Finished off with a face tidy, nail clip, trimmed paw pads, tidied paws, cleaned sanitary, and light tidy of the body with scissor work.

Body Clipping: With our full Groom, your dog is clipped to your specific wants and needs you to provide prior to the groom. 

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